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Lots has happened since our last post.  The story is probably told better in pictures but to give you some background…  RoPro made the journey to Australia.  We teamed with the Queensland University of Technology to retrofit a John Deere Gator.   Here are some of the highlights in no particular order.

Rainforest Hike Day 2.  Ray and Susan

Rainforest Hike Day 2. Ray and Susan

Trees in the rainforest.

Trees in the rainforest.

Post Hiking in the rainforest.  Leech legs!

Post Hiking in the rainforest. Leech legs!

Beautiful Beaches.

Beautiful Beaches.

Kukka Burra sits in the old gum tree.

Kukka Burra sits in the old gum tree.

The countdown.
The countdown.  Almost there.
Google Australia.  Proof.

Google Australia. Proof.

First day in Brisbane.

First day in Brisbane.

Super nice weather.

Super nice weather.

Our B&B.

Our B&B.

Brisbane a little closer.

Brisbane a little further out.

Brisbane From Afar.

Brisbane From Afar.

It's like peanut butter... Except it tastes horrible.

It’s like peanut butter… Except it tastes horrible.

Christmas Down Under

Christmas Down Under

The guys at work.

The guys at working on the gator.

Ray hugging a Koala.

Ray hugging a Koala.

I get to pet a Kangaroo.

I got to pet a kangaroo.

A mob.

A mob of kangaroos.

Ray driving on the wrong side of the road.

Ray driving on the wrong side of the road.

Feels like Lord of the Rings.

Feels like Lord of the Rings.

Trip of a life time.  Needless to say we are looking for more work that requires travel.  Pass it on.

We have power

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Took sometime but the waterjet is up and running.

Shawn’s first sign using our waterjet.


We’re pretty excited because the sky is the limit with this.   We’ve already designed Batman logo’s, ninja stars and fighter jets.  What’s next!?!

We are now in between projects.  We just finished the Mine Cart.


The Mine Cart. Designed for testing signal strength in mines.

Looking forward to revisiting the Telepresence robot.


That’s me.


Also in the works is a trip to Australia.






On to the next one…

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FTX came a boy.


And left…

A man.


LAGR all spiffed up for a big conference.


This is what Brad does in his spare time.


Every good shop needs a good name.  We are in the process of naming ours.  If you have some suggestions send them our way.  (when thinking of a name keep in mind, we love super heroes!)

Full Steam Ahead

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Sneak peak at a new project!

Introducing the FTX 100

Ever notice the only time you ever need to move big equipment it’s raining?

This thing is intimidating...

In other news… Ray has been crawling around in the attic trying to run the wiring for the waterjet.

Spaceman Russell

We are almost ready to flip the switch!  Can’t wait!

RoPro has also done a little traveling of the last month…


Welcome to New York City!

We walked 46 blocks… the subway system left a little to be desired.

Empire State Building


Bring on the sun!







Happy Holidays

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The Conan Loveseat video has been posted.  Peep this –

The waterjet is in house!! AND almost inside another house…? 

House inside a house

We are currently winterzing the warehouse and built another room for the waterjet.  Looking forward to firing this baby up! 

Also, we soon will be going live with our newest educational robot…


In short, GROMA  is a low cost, easy to use robot, perfect for educators as well as hobbyists.  Stay tuned for more details!

See ya next year!

The Dirty Dozen

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Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!  

Ray and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and participated in The Dirty Dozen – a bicycle race up 13 of the steepest hills in Pittsburgh.

This year more than 300 cyclists came out for the event!

Ray and I on the final hill

I’ll leave you with a cool video of Canton Avenue.  The steepest hill in the world.

New Digs / Sweet Couch / Waterjet

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Things have been pretty busy recently. 
RoPro now has a new home. 


Lots of space!


Still a little messy.

We are slowly moving in.  The biggest plus – we now have our machine shop in the same building as our office! 

Along with our new digs we also purchased and OMAX Waterjet.  We should have it in house sometime next week.


And we worked on one of our coolest projects ever.   Helping build the Conan Loveseat!  We should have a making of video in the near future.
Up next… we are planning an openhouse.