On to the next one…

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

FTX came a boy.


And left…

A man.


LAGR all spiffed up for a big conference.


This is what Brad does in his spare time.


Every good shop needs a good name.  We are in the process of naming ours.  If you have some suggestions send them our way.  (when thinking of a name keep in mind, we love super heroes!)

  1. Russel Kirk says:

    Bat Cave (too obvious?)
    Stark Industries (stealing Iron Man’s company name)
    Whirr Labs (Whirr, like the sound a gear makes….got it?)
    The Robot Garage (boring)

    The name needs to combine the idea of Hot Rods and Robots. Of building things, modifying things, testing, cutting edge, hi-tech but not with the stuffiness of NASA. You are at heart, hot rodders who happen to build robots.

    Gear Garage…

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